About Us • The Birth of Farma Fragrance 

Farma Fragrance is the brainchild of Independent and Family owned ProHealth Pharmacy owner Chirag Patel, PharmD.  His Farma Fragrance journey began with the goal of enhancing the customer experience while increasing profit margins at the same time. Seeking innovative solutions, he ventured into the world of fragrances, and the results have been remarkable.

Focusing on delivering the highest quality at a fraction of the cost, the carefully curated line of fragrances has captivated customers and propelled Independent Pharmacy’s success to new heights. Offering a product for Independent Pharmacy by Independent Pharmacy has proven to be a game-changer. Independent Pharmacy sales have increased, and customers can’t get enough.

As Independent Pharmacy Owners, we understand the importance of efficient space management. The compact size of our fragrances ensures that you can showcase a diverse range of scents without compromising on valuable shelf space, and Profit margins of up to 500% don’t hurt either.
Farma Fragrance takes immense pride in empowering Independent Pharmacies like yours to thrive in a competitive market. Focusing on high quality, affordability, customer experience, and product satisfaction, we have crafted a winning formula that resonates with Independent Pharmacies and customers.

Join us in this fragrant journey, and let Farma Fragrance be the catalyst for increased profits and a unique shopping experience at your Independent Pharmacy. Embrace the power of scents, elevate your business, and embark on a prosperous future with Farma Fragrance!

Boosting Independent Pharmacy Sales through Scent

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